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Technical Applications Intern

We are on the hunt for yet another amazing intern to join our team for three months. If you are looking for a challenge, are self-motivated, and wiling to commit 3-days a week to learning then we would love to talk to you. Please see the details below: Technical Applications Intern Burnette Associates is an…
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redmi note 2

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

At my company we do things a little different to most companies in SA and around the world in terms of the gadgets we use. After all we are an investment technology firm that always aims to be ahead of the curve. I use a Chromebook laptop that I had never seen or used before joining Burnette Associates and about a week ago I received this Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 smartphone aka Mi Note 2. My purpose for writing this review is to enlighten those interested in the latest gadgets and smartphones, someone looking to buy a different smartphone to the Samsung and iPhones that everyone buys here in South Africa AND most importantly if this Redmi Note 2 is a worthy investment. Continue Reading

wileyfox-swift-16gb-sandstone-black-282092-4“Great phone, light to hold and at the price it excels at what it needs to do. The back cover is great to hold and fits well into your hand. The screen is clear and crisp and performance is great. Running Cyanogen gives it extra marks for me.” PhilippeM

After having used a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360H for almost a year, I was a bit sceptical that I would get the same value again in another smartphone. It has been just over a month since I received my Wileyfox Swift from Burnette Associates as a corporate gift, and I still find myself glued to the screen of my phone everyday like I’m using it for the first time. This is obviously an abnormal reaction given the Wileyfox is an unfamiliar phone brand, running on somewhat an unfamiliar operating software (O.S) called Cyanogen, perhaps I will be justified after uncovering some of the awesome specs and features of this new technology in the market. Continue Reading