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Welcome to Our New Home: Melrose Arch

Immediate Reactions from the Principal and Consultants: With our continued growth and success in the South African market we are expanding our offices to Melrose Arch. Here is a glimpse at how the move was welcomed by our principal and consultants. (more…)
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Africa Impact: SS&C Acquires Advent

If you pay any attention to the Fintech industry then you have undoubtedly seen the news that SS&C Technologies (Nasdaq:SSNC) has acquired Advent Software, Inc. (Nasdaq:ADVS) for $2.7 Billion. While the acquisition is still subject to regulatory and shareholder approval it would seem that both parties, in addition to the greater market, are behaving as…
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Nirvana OMS Rabalancer Launched

Nirvana OMS Rabalancer Launched With continued growth in separately managed account structures, investment managers are faced with complicated workflows to accommodate daily cash inflows and outflows and market volatility. To address these challenges, Nirvana has significantly enhanced Nirvana’s Portfolio Modeling and Rebalancing capabilities...
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