Fhulufhelo Ravele – Technical Applications Intern

Fhulufhelo Ravele - Technical Applications Intern

Hello everyone, my name is Fhulufhelo Ravele, I grew up in Free State in a small town called Welkom, which is where I also did most most of my studying.

After my matric I enrolled at the Central University of Technology to do my National Diploma in Information Technology (Development Software). After graduating from Central University of Technology I got a bursary to go and do my Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology at Belgium ITVersity Campus in Pretoria, which is still in progress as I am currently studying and working part-time.

I have always been curious while growing up about where all the applications we use in our daily lives come from and how they were created, hence I decided to become a Software Developer. I have always been fascinated by technology, I wanted to be part of an innovative and fast paced industry, understand not only the current, but also the future of technology in our lives (as this is the 21st century and everything is of course about technology).

I recently joined Burnette Associates Ltd in April 2017 as a Technical Applications Intern. Coming from a technical background and deciding to join one of the fast and growing investment companies with little knowledge on how the industry works has been quite challenging, yet an amazing and great experience at the same time. I used this platform to not only learn the technical side of things but also as an opportunity to learn how the financial and investment world operates.

Burnette Associates is not only interested in the business side of things, but also in the growth and well-being of its employees. I have learned a lot from the company in this short period. I can now work independently and am more dedicated in the work that I do because average performance is not acceptable in the company.

The internship has prepared me for the real business world, improved my technical skills and created a new interest for me: the investment sector. I now have a sense of professionalism and I am looking forward to see what the future holds for me as I have learned from one of the best in the industry!



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