Wileyfox Swift: Smartphone Review

wileyfox-swift-16gb-sandstone-black-282092-4“Great phone, light to hold and at the price it excels at what it needs to do. The back cover is great to hold and fits well into your hand. The screen is clear and crisp and performance is great. Running Cyanogen gives it extra marks for me.” PhilippeM

After having used a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360H for almost a year, I was a bit sceptical that I would get the same value again in another smartphone. It has been just over a month since I received my Wileyfox Swift from Burnette Associates as a corporate gift, and I still find myself glued to the screen of my phone everyday like I’m using it for the first time. This is obviously an abnormal reaction given the Wileyfox is an unfamiliar phone brand, running on somewhat an unfamiliar operating software (O.S) called Cyanogen, perhaps I will be justified after uncovering some of the awesome specs and features of this new technology in the market.

Software: CyanogenMod (CM)

Over the years I have seen the dynamic transition of cell phone operating systems from my father’s first cellphone the famous Nokia 5110 to the Blackberry phase and now the iPhone and Android OS, and just when I was still wondering if these smartphones and operating systems can get anyhow better the CyanogenMod was born.

The Wileyfox Swift runs on the latest Cyanogen 12.1. CyanogenMod is an Android evolved OS for smartphones and tablet computers which backs the largest open source Android developer community in the world. It is developed as free and open source software which offers features and options not found in the official firmware distributed by mobile device vendors.

So what does all this mean? I asked myself the same question too, but imagine a phone operating system that does not contain spyware or bloatware with the most advanced customisation of your user interface, performance and ultimate privacy and security technology (definitely check out the pin scramble feature). So unlike most modern day smartphones O.S’s. Features supported by CyanogenMod also include native theming support, FLAC audio codec support, Privacy Guard (per-application permission management application), support for tethering over common interfaces, CPU overclocking and other performance enhancements interalia.

CyanogenMod also makes use of Mods which are intelligent, aware, and lightweight experiences built directly into the OS, for example the True caller Mod and the social lock screen. The Skype Mod, Cortana Mod and the OneNote Mod and a whole lot of other Mods will be rolling out with the Cyanogen 13 to be released soon (looking forward to upgrade my OS for this). So basically the Cyanogen OS gives a variety of settings options that allows you as the user to set your phone just the way you like. This is what stands out most for me about the Wileyfox.

Hardware and other specs: Appearance and Specs

To compliment this awesome Operating System the Wileyfox comes in sandstone black and white colour options and it is definitely one of the lightest phones in the industry at the moment. This great piece of hardware weighs only 135 grams on 141.15 x 9.37 x mm dimensions. There are a lot of features which accompanies the Wileyfox Swift, some of which you may be able to find on any other ordinary smartphone, the following features are what keeps me engaged on my Wileyfox Swift phone.

Processor and Social Network functionality

Wileyfox is furnished with the 410 processor, With a 64-bit CPU at 1.2GHz/Quad Core/Qualcomm, and 4G download speeds of up to 150mbps. This is fantastic and I feel it is enough ammunition to support multitasking of opening numerous app, downloading stuff, chat and use the internet at the same time at a very good speed. Most smartphones would overheat in these circumstances, but I dare you to engage to the same and see if there will ever be any signs of heating up. We have recently seen an advanced social network craze, people taking pictures and videos of their best life moments, the Wileyfox Swift is definitely your gadget with a stunning picture quality from the 13MP, Sony rear camera and a quad core Snapdragon. The Wileyfox Swift's rear camera boasts a stacked BSI with 5 lenses and dual flash to produce excellent picture quality even in low light conditions for a brighter better picture.

Memory and Connectivity

Like any other typical modern day smartphone user I enjoy taking a lot pictures, songs and videos and uploading them on social networks, the Wileyfox Swift mechanism definitely compliments this part of modern life with Internal: 16 GB / RAM: 2 GB / Slot type: microSD / Max. slot capacity is 32GB. Now you can only imagine how many media items can you keep on the go. I am impressed with the internal memory size as it allows me to download a lot of relevant specific user applications (both social and business apps). I prefer to separate my applications and media items, so I save the latter on my 8GB memory card. The Dual microSIM capability gives you even more flexibility, giving you the option to have two data networks for your single handset. I found this feature very beneficial because I have both a personal and a business sim card, it always feels good to interchange the sim cards for data and calls in some places where one of them has a bad signal. The 4G LTE is the fastest connection available for wireless networks and the Wileyfox Swift supports it. I will not dwell much on the CDMA, GSM and WiMax etc but if you are running 4G LTE connectivity, you are running the latest and this is where you would want to be.


The battery life overall of the phone is an important measure for a corporate phone for many people. The Battery Life of the Wileyfox Swift is very good but there is a couple of settings that you may need to adjust for example setting the brightness to lowest (Note that even at its lowest the screen brightness is still excellent), adjusting your location settings and switching off bluetooth. A full battery charge will last you at least 2 days of normal phone usage and if you wish to extend it, you can set the the phone to ultra-power saving mode. The charger/USB Connection is a little different from the popular Samsung/ Windows Phone chargers. This make it difficult to charge your phone if you have lost the original cable or if it's broken and since this is a new phone brand the accessories are still difficult to find and if you do they are likely to be expensive to buy and ship.


The Wileyfox Swift a smartphone that boasts an outstanding 13MP camera sensor, 410 processor, 4G LTE connectivity and Dual microSIM capability and customization offered by Cyanogen. All these great features in one phone, at a reasonable market beating price, are you kidding me?, there was no way I was going to miss out, this is the smartphone to have. If you have used the Wileyfox smartphone and you are looking to share your experience, feel free to leave your comments below.


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